About Us


RHT is the first business trust to be listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Limited ("SGX-ST") with India based healthcare assets.

Since listing, the investment mandate of RHT has been to principally invest in income-yielding real estate and real estate related assets used or to be used primarily as business space1 in Asia and Australasia.

On the 15 January 2019, RHT's entire asset portfolio was sold to Fortis Healthcare Limited. Currently, RHT's assets comprise mainly of cash.

1Business space includes, but is not limited to, space used for information technology, information technology enabled services (includes various services ranging from call centres, claims processing, medical transcription, e-customer relationship management, supply chain management to back office operations such as accounting, data processing and data mining), high tech, science, healthcare, education, accommodation, business, industrial, logistics, warehousing and office purposes and such other supporting amenities.

Our Mission

We endeavor to provide regular and stable returns to investors by investing into healthcare assets providing attractive yields with a potential for long term growth.

Growth Strategy